Ultrasound Probe Compatibility

Hypernova Chronos and Antigermix AE1
Over 1,000 probes from all major manufacturers are tested, approved and endorsed

No harsh chemicals

UV-C light has been shown to be non-corrosive to the sensitive plastic polymers found on ultrasound probe cables. This is why the length of the probe cord can also be high level disinfected within Antigermix AE1 or Hypernova Chronos. This compares well with harsh chemicals methods used so far that are corrosive and can potentially damage probe materials and cause glue disintegration.

Chronos Ultrasound Probe Disinfection Area


Germitec products comply to the European Directive 93/42/CEE and lists all the Medical Devices (External, TV and TR probes) which are compatible with Antigermix (AE1) and Hypernova Chronos. The compatibility between Medical Devices can be demonstrated in several ways:

  • Medical Device manufacturers claim together compatibility in their respective IFU.
  • One manufacturer can claim on its own compatibility with other manufacturers Medical Devices. It must then demonstrate the compatibility with the Medical Device with whom it is associated.

In order to comply, the Germitec performs:

  • Tests in laboratories on the probes themselves or on materials given by the manufacturer
  • Tests in laboratories the material representing what are used on the probes
  • Field observations of probes in real use
  • Documentary studies

The Ultrasound Probe Compatibility list continually evolves and is updated regularly following tests performed by Probe Manufacturers and/or Germitec.

In achieving full transparency with its customer base, Germitec publishes a list of compatible probes in 2 different categories:

  • Category 1: Probes which have been jointly approved by the probe manufacturer and Germitec. In the enclosed list, they are identified with a Blue circle.
  • Category 2: Probes which have been approved by Germitec and are waiting for Probe manufacturer tests. In the enclosed list, they are identified with a Green circle.

UV-C High Level Disinfection Chemical Free and Ultrafast

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