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Transvaginal Ultrasound, do you know how the ultrasound probe is disinfected between patients

Having a Transvaginal ultrasound, which is an invasive procedure or a probe that scans over non-intact skin (nerve blocks for pain management) should at a minimum undergo high level disinfection (HLD) before the probe is used on the next patient.

The Acorn Ultrasound clinic is committed to Patient Safety, which is why they have installed Hypernova Chronos an automated UV-C High Level Disinfection system.

The system disinfects in 90 seconds to ensure EVERY probe between EVERY patient is disinfected EVERY time.

Acorn Ultrasound Consultants and Clinical Work is Regulated

Numerous studies locally and internationally have shown that HLD prevents the spread of infectious diseases, such as coronavirus and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Research has found that disinfection methods using UV-C HLD reduces HPV contamination that can lead to cervical cancer. Additionally, a disinfection protocol that uses an automated device instead of manual process, ensures consistent repetition to achieve best HLD clinical practice.

Human Papillomavirus Clinical Research

Cervical Cancer Statistics 2020
Royal College of Radiologists’ standards

Unlike other community based ultrasound clinics which are not regulated by the Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW). Acorn ultrasound consultants and clinical work is heavily regulated by the General Medical Council, HIW and Royal College of Radiologists’ standards.

  • In the coming months, we will be expanding the types of services we offer.
  • As our first priority was our Commitment to Patient Safety.
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