Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Best Research Evidence Supports Clinical Change in Ultrasound Probe Reprocessing

How HLD Systems are Tested to Kill HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Best Research Evidence 

Dr. Craig Meyers, Ph.D. 

Gives his expertise in HPV research. He was the first lab to develop a technique to grow natural High-Risk HPV 16 & 18 that causes 70% of cervical cancer and other anogenital cancers. He discusses how his research has been applied in changing clinical practice globally in ultrasound probe reprocessing.

Learning Objective

  • HPV best research evidence supports clinical change in Ultrasound probe reprocessing
  • HPV Research test protocols, what product models have been tested and results published

What are the three major aspects of evidence that you need to critically appraise.

Q&A Discussion topics

What is the process for a manufacturer to have their medical device tested against HPV, and what is the time frame?

  • “Need to contact the company directly to find out if the medical device has been HPV tested. As not all tests get published.”
  • “We discuss with the company test protocols and controls when designing the HPV study. The test outcomes take about four weeks.”

What disinfection systems have been tested to be effective against HPV?

Webinar on Demand

Q&A Discussion on Ultrasound Probe HPV Testing

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