AE1 Microbicidal Efficacy

Antigermix E1

What Microbicidal effectiveness has been proven for the Antigermix E1 (AE1)?

Having undergone vigorous testing against a wide range of microorganisms and validated in line with global standards you can have complete confidence in the Germitec technology.

Germitec High Level Disinfection Medical Devices are independently tested and complies with testing requirements set by different regulators (TGA, EN, FDA). Germitec works with leading laboratories and scientific centres in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

Assessment of the effectiveness of disinfection systems has been carried out based on European Standards microbiology potency tests.

Note: Hypernova Chronos is compliant with EN14885 and Directive 93/42/EEC that apply to non-immerse disinfection test protocols.
*Virus selection in line with the recommendations of the guide published in Eurosurveillance:

European Standards (EN) Efficacy Results

Automated Monitoring System

  • The monitoring system consists of two photodiodes that continuously measure the UV-C dose to operate the disinfection cycle to ensure High Level Disinfection efficacy is achieved.
  • This takes approximately 180 seconds.


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